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Monday, May 04, 2009

Customer Testimonials


Puan Azrian, Seri Kembangan

"pastry yang lembut dan rasa yang lemak, kalau topping lg banyak, lagi sedap"


Madam Jessie, Menara Maybank KL

"Your cup cakes are good. Though the packing is good, nevertheless, it is quite difficult to remove it from the box as the size exactly fits the cake"

Puan Noor, Putrajaya

"cup kek yang lembut dan hiasan yang menarik mengikut citarasa terkini"

Cik Azza Reen, Damansara Utama

"The cupcake is simple and sweet. Definitely, one is not enough!"

Puan Dharliza, Putrajaya
-Theme Cupcake : MU vs Chelsea -
"The cupcakes are so marvelous, cantik siap tiang gol. Tersengih Hakim tengok, adik2 siap jeles"

Puan Nina, Putrajaya
" wah cantiknya..suke..suke..my daughter musti suke, sayang nak makan"

Prawn Cracker

Puan Azrian, Seri Kembangan

"kerepek udang tu sedap sangat, sekali makan nak lagi, berperisa dan ranggup"

Puan Awa, Putrajaya

"erm rasanya ok, garam & rasa cukup.. kire sedang-sedang la"

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